Vision and Mission

Our vision is to remain committed to the highest standards for the development and the conduct of swimming in East Gippsland.

Our Mission is to advance the conduct and development of our club by:

  • Fostering competitive success and providing a platform for advancement to the highest levels achievable by each individual swimmer
  • Growing participation in Swimming in the local community and increasing club membership.

Coaches, parents and swimmers work in partnership to achieve common individual and club goals. We are a not-for-profit club run by a committee of management and we rely heavily on the support of families to manage, promote and develop our club. To promote team spirit we offer ample opportunities for members and their families to come together in a social setting.

The focus and dedication embraced by Waterdragons members creates individuals that not only reap the rewards of success through swimming, but also empowers our youth to grow into young adults with maturity and a sense of achievement through perseverance and hard work.

The mindset adopted by swimmers is hugely valuable for dealing with life’s many challenges and provides a foundation for becoming young leaders within our community.

Life members

Bert Matheson
John Capp
Len Barten
Elaine Wright
Faye Staughton
Rex Nash
Roy Gilchrist
Brian Wigg
Kerryn Katal
John Katal
Mary Strini
Peggy Howden
Jennifer Whelan



Andrew Martin

Vice President
Jo Poore

Shae Hinchcliffe

Paul Newton


Brett Edlington, Fiona Clarke, Meagan Newstead, Paul Jankowiak, Jo Campbell, Jessie Ng, Simone Westwood.

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