Safe Sport

The administrators, coaches, members, parents and volunteers of the East Gippsland Water Dragons are committed to creating and maintaining a childsafe culture and a culture of inclusion and safety. Everyone associated with our club has a role and responsibility to understand, enforce, educate, endorse and refine our commitment.


Commitment to child safety

All children have the right to feel safe and be safe. The welfare of the children in our club is paramount; our club has a zero tolerance to child abuse. Our club aims to create an environment where swimming is fun, enjoyable and safe for all.

Our club has developed policies and practices that outline our commitment, minimise the risk, and identify what is and isn’t acceptable. Our club has a nominated Child Safety Officer who has a defined process for responding to and reporting suspected abuse. For further information regarding our policy or practices click here.


Commitment to inclusion

The East Gippsland Waterdragons vision is to give all members of our region the opportunity to achieve their highest potential, irrespectively of their gender, abilities and linguistic/cultural diversity.

We promote a culture where inclusion is embraced, and discrimination isn’t tolerated. We encourage respect for individual’s values, practices and belongings.

The East Gippsland Water Dragons aims to be an inclusive swimming club that actively employs strategies to remove barriers that can hinder or exclude individuals from partaking in swimming. We endeavour to provide programs and facilities which make swimming fun, enjoyable, safe and create a sense of identity and belonging.

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