Free Come & Try sessions

Our Club offers 3 x free “Come and Try” sessions for new and interested swimmers.

Please check our news section to see when the next one will be held.

For entry to the Development Squad, swimmers ought to be able to swim 25m of both freestyle and backstroke, and have some knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly.

Some myths about joining our swim club

You have to swim every day of the week

Wrong. We have a number of sessions at both Lakes Entrance and Bairnsdale, and there is no compulsory training. You can go to 2 sessions or more each week!

You have to get up early to go to training

Wrong. We have training sessions after school as well as early morning sessions. You can choose which ones you go to.

You have to swim at competitions every weekend

Wrong. It is entirely up to the swimmer how many swim meets they go to. There are many swimmers (beginners) in our development squad who are not yet competing.

There are no age barriers, no gender barriers, no ability barriers – anyone can be a swimmer.

We want to inspire everyone to be the swimmer they want to be, because we believe life’s better if you swim.

Benefits of swimming as part of a club:

For young swimmers
Have fun with your friends and learn new skills.

For teenagers
Learn time management, goal setting, and see what you’re capable of.

For older teens
Stay fit, build up cardiovascular strength, and relieve study stress.

How to Join

Your very first step is to contact the Club Registrar for information on joining the East Gippsland Waterdragons Swim Club.

Step 1

Complete the form on this page to make contact with the club registrar

Step 2

The registrar will contact you to make a time for the swimmer/s to be assessed by one of our coaches if a “Come and Try” night is not scheduled in the near future.

Step 3

The coach will recommend which squad is best for the swimmer and you will then be invited to finalise the membership application.

Step 4

When your application is approved, you will receive a Welcome Email (which includes the Club Handbook) outlining the next steps, and an invoice for fees.

Step 5

Swimmers are permitted to participate in training sessions as soon as fees, including Swimming Victoria insurance and registration fees, have been paid.

Step 6

The New Member Officer will welcome you to the Club, and you will receive the official Waterdragons swimming cap (non-swimming members do not receive this).

New Member enquiry form

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