Training Sessions

Training sessions are held every weekday at either Bairnsdale or Lakes Entrance or both. Sessions run year-round, with a short break at Christmas and then following the end of the season in May each year. During the school holidays, training continues, sometimes with special clinics or other programs.

Recommended number of sessions per week

blue cap development


2-3 per week

green cap dolphins


3-4 per week

bronze cap


4 per week

Silver cap


5+ per week

gold cap


5+ per week

Waterdragons training kit

Top Tips for Training

  1. Bring your kit: water bottle, goggles (+ spare), kickboard, pull buoy, fins, towel
  2. Arrive early at training, so you are prepared to start on time
  3. Streamline properly off every wall
  4. Breathe on 2nd stroke off wall for FS & FLY
  5. Explosive turns
  6. Finish into wall properly every time
  7. Face down from flags to wall for FS & FLY
  8. Hold technique and train like you want to be a champion during each training set
  9. Look and listen to coach
  10. Read and understand the training session off the board
  11. Work hard on areas needing improvement
  12. Know your PB’s
  13. Use pace clock properly and leave on time
  14. Train how you want to race
  15. Get the most out of your swimming and keep smiling 🙂
Dryland Exercises for Swimmers

Warming up before training

Warm-up is extremely important for all swimmers. Warm-ups are individual based and are related to the swimmer’s ability/squad.

It is scientifically proven that the more time allowed for warm-up, which involves stretching on pool deck and then some pool work (this increases blood flow to muscles and assists in mental preparation), the better the swimmer will perform.

A common misconception is to think that a swimmer will get tired and therefore should only do a few laps before meets. This not only doesn’t help in anyway, but will increase the possibility of the swimmer getting hurt when racing as their muscles will be very stiff.


Seek advice from your coach about what you ought to be doing for warm-up and cool-down.

You can also review the Dry Land exercises chart provided by Swimming Australia (clicking the image will open the file in a new window).

Training Venues

During the Summer months, training sessions are also held at the Bairnsdale Outdoor Pool as well as in Orbost.

Bairnsdale Aquatic & Recreation Centre (BARC)
80 McKean Street, Bairnsdale VIC 3875


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Lakes Entrance Aquadome
43 Palmers Road, Lakes Entrance VIC 3909

Lakes Aquadome map

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