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Why Swimming is so great for Girls: Get fit, make new friends and have fun!

Staying active is important, but it is hard to do when there are a lot of other extra curricular activities such as music lessons, homework, maybe a part-time job, and of course, the constant distraction of social media.

Swimming is a great choice because when you join a swim club, you are involved in an activity that brings lots of other benefits apart from physical exercise.

Time and routine management, goal setting and planning are skills every adult needs, and which you can learn through swimming. In swimming, you set your own goals and take the steps to achieve them.
By increasing your ability to take in and use oxygen more effectively, you’ll find you can run faster for longer. Swimming enhances your lung capacity and therefore your endurance.
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by study or having too much on, swimming is the one thing you want to keep doing. Exercise produces endorphins or “happiness hormones” which help relieve stress, but being submerged in water multiplies the amount of sensory information hitting your body and therefore brings extra calmness.

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You don’t have to have perfect technique to get started. The important thing is that you start!

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Life’s better when you swim

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