2017-18 Season Presentation Night

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The Club Presentation Night was held on Saturday 5th May, with the following awards presented:

Age Group Award winners

Girls 8 & Under: Makayla Edlington

Boys 8 & Under: 1st Lukas Kempff, 2nd Xavier Newton, 3rd Campbell Edlington

Girls 9/10: 1st Ruby Newton, 2nd Layla Chapman, 3rd Asha Jankowiak

Boys 9/10: 1st Corbin Blake, 2nd Cody McMahon, 3rd Kael Frith

Girls 11/12: 1st Antje Kempff, 2nd Grace Ng, 3rd Anna Mooney

Boys 11/12: 1st Cohen Frith, 2nd William Wayside, 3rd Gus Russell

Girls 13/14: 1st Kiera O’Neill, 2nd Brylee McMahon, 3rd Hannah Ng

Boys 13/14: 1st David Ng

Girls 15/16: 1st Charli Young, 2nd Bree O’Neill

Boys 15/16: 1st Brendan Malcolm

17 & Over: Male – Jordan Strini Female – Priyanka Joshi

25 & Over: Female – 1st Kayci Westwood, 2nd Paula O’Neill

Open Male: 1st Cohen Frith, 2nd Jordan Strini & William Wayside

Open Female: 1st Kayci Westwood, 2nd Brylee McMahon, 3rd Priyanka Joshi


Kate Buckley Award – Nationals Trophy

Kate Buckley was a Bairnsdale swimmer who represented our club with great success at State and National levels: The Kate Buckley Award is presented to the swimmer who has gained the most points at National and State Level.

Winner – Cohen Frith


The Club Aggregate Shields are presented to a male and female swimmer who has received the most points for events swam at swim meets they have attended for the season. The Shield for the female swimmer has been donated by Faye Staughton and the Shield for the male swimmer donated by Ron Reed.

Winner of the Ron Reed Award – William Wayside

Winner of the Faye Staughton Award – Ella Poore


Gippsland Championships Aggregate Shields are presented to the male and female swimmer who has received the most points at our Gippsland Championships.

Female Winner – Makayla Edlington

Male Winner – Cohen Frith


Special Coaches Awards:

Coaches Awards are presented to swimmers who have demonstrated a commitment to their swimming by training hard and consistently, by listening and respecting their coaches and their fellow team mates and responding positively to club activities.


Joshua Newstead, Ruby Newton, Mia Chapman, Layla Chapman, Corbin Blake, Abbey Yates


Most Improved Awards are presented to swimmers whom coaches have seen great improvement in throughout the season – not only in their times but also by the events and distances they have swum.


Xavier Newton, Lukas Kempff, Makayla Edlington, Jordan Raeburn, Ella Poore


Encouragement Awards are presented to swimmers who the coaches have recognised to be committed to their swimming and who are enthusiastic team members.


Archie Poore, Emma Chapman, Asha Jankowiak, Pip Treasure, Matilda Sumner


Most valuable team member is awarded to a swimmer who has shown dedication to the East Gippsland Waterdragons both in and out of the pool. They demonstrate pride in swimming for the Dragons and lead by example at all times.

Winner – Charli Young


Most Supportive Club Member is awarded to a committee member, parent or coach who has volunteered many hours of hard work in assisting in the running of our club.

Winner – Kate Carmichael


Congratulations to all